Who are we


Inspire to Live Healthy, Aspire to Treat Wholly.


Strive for MEDICAL expertise
Treat with EMPATHY
YEARN for Quality
Provide AFFORDABLE and Affectionate Care


Ameya Healthcare – Multispecialty Clinic & Diagnostic Center

Ameya means immeasurable. And we want to live up to our name by providing abundant care with a big measure of Empathy and Compassion. Ameya healthcare has been founded with the intention of reaching out to all classes of people and help in providing affordable and quality care. ‘Health’ is not valued till sickness comes. We want to create awareness of Health and how it can be preserved. Inspired by Swachh Bharat, We intend to bring about a revolution of “Healthy Bharat” and eventually a Healthy Earth!


Ameya Healthcare is a Multispecialty and Diagnostic Center with a wide range of services. We provide dedicated services for people with diabetes – Foot Clinic, Retinal Scanner, Physiotherapist, Dietician and Diabetic Educators to provide Comprehensive Diabetes Care. We have a state of the art Laboratory and a Pharmacy that caters to all your healthcare needs. Pleasant and welcoming staff, Kind hearted Doctors and a pleasing ambience is what you can look forward to. Along with this team of Dedicated Doctors, We strive to spread Health!

About the Founder

Ameya Healthcare has been founded by Dr. S. Satish Kumar, a leading Endocrinologist and Diabetologist. He has won the Best Consultant Endocrinologist of Bengaluru award at the National Healthcare Excellence Awards, 2016. He is loved by his patients for his ever smiling face, patient listening and kind, gentle words. He did his MBBS from the esteemed Bangalore Medical College. He pursued his post graduation in the United Kingdom, where he completed MRCP (GIM, Edinburgh,UK), MRCP (Endocrinology & Diabetes) and CCST in Endocrinology & Diabetes (Yorkshire Deanery). Even though he was offered a very lucrative job, he decided to move back to India. On returning to India, Dr. S. Satish Kumar started and headed the Department of Endocrinology,Diabetology and Bariatric Medicine at Narayana Hrudayalaya from 2010-2016. In order to serve the community in a better way, he founded Ameya Heathcare in November, 2016.


The Founder’s Message

There were days when people would live for years without any health issues. Those were days when people grew the food they ate and the only means of transport was their own legs. With the economic and IT revolution, a lot of things have changed. Our lives have become more challenging and extremely stressful. Food is adulterated, air and water are polluted. Every morning and evening, we spend hours together on the road, stuck in never ending traffic jams. Amongst all these problems, everybody find it difficult to think about themselves and their health.


Lifestyle disorders are one of the leading causes of ailment and death in India. Through Ameya Healthcare, I want to create awareness about these disorders. I want to cater to the healthcare needs of the community and help people understand the importance of Health. My aim is to reach out to a wider population and provide trustworthy, affordable and quality care.